Welcome to my notion web, You can call me Brian. I'm an avid learner, Human Centered Design enthusiast, Junior python and swift programmer, UI & UX Designer, love learning or using practical stuff. Based in Indonesia, ready to Travel the world and Helping companies globally.

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User Experience & User Interface Designer

​Based in Indonesia 🛫 Ready to Travel the World 👨‍💻 Work Globally

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I believe that collaborative friendly work is the only way to make best product. Project success is my primary goal on every project and design is great business tool to help with that. In spare time i like to learning about UI UX design, python programming, and 3D modelling ( made a donut so far ), investment, any practical stuff and philosophy.

User Interface (UI) Design Apple HIG, WCAG 2.0, Material Design, Design Systems, Design Thinking, Mobile/Web, Native and Custom Apps, Collaborative Design, Figma/Sketch/Photoshop, any prototyping software

User Experience (UX) Design User Research, User Testing, Usability Testing, SEO, Quick Interactive Prototyping (Wireframing)